FAQ Tri-O-Bac: here we answer all your questions!

We have listed the most frequently asked questions. Obviously, it is possible that you have other questions. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

1. What Size Dumpster Do I Need?

Dumpster sizes are described in cubic yards (yd³). See our Dumpster sizes for dimensions in lineal feet for height, length and width of each of the yd³ sizes. The type of waste and how much you have will impact on the size of dumpster you need.

2. Will it fit in my driveway?

Please look at our dumpster sizes to determine the area needed for each dumpster size. Remember that delivery with our pick-up/trailer normally requires less space than delivery with heavy trucks. This is what makes us the best choice for the rental of urban containers for small spaces. Maybe you are also a potential client for express pickup service in less than two hours?

3. Will I need local authority approval to leave it in the street or on the footpath?

This varies from one municipality to another. It is advisable to check first. We have gathered a list of direct links for your convenience. Outside your property there are certain legal responsibilities to be considered – insurance, lights at night, warning barriers etc.

4. What can I put in the Dumpster?

  • Usually, if you can pick it up – you can put it in.
  • However, the exceptions are important to remember. 
  • Feel free to let us know the content of your proposed waste so we can advise you.
  • Please Note: These items CANNOT be placed in any dumpster.
    no garbage
    1. Tires and tires with rims
    2. Propane tanks
    3. Electronic equipment
    4. Chemical products or poisons
    5. Liquids or paint
    6. Explosive materials

5. How should I load the Dumpster?

  • Green waste: Cut into smaller pieces and place any larger heavier pieces on top to compact load.
  • Construction/renovation waste: Break down to utilize space efficiently, and once again light waste on the bottom and heavier waste on top to compact load.
  • No material should be higher than the top of the dumpster.
  • Please remember that before we can transport any loads, they must be made safe. Our drivers can advise you should you have any questions.
  • For a larger project, speak to our agent about the cost benefits of sorting your loads.

6. Will any of my waste be recycled?

Yes, we are committed to recycling and continually seek to improve our knowledge with respect to recovering more materials. Where possible your waste will be taken to a major recycling waste depot, where up to 92% may be recycled.

7. How long can I keep the Dumpster?

For up to 8 days, negotiable rates are available for longer periods.

8. Does it matter where I need the Dumpster?

Tri-O-Bac delivers dumpsters to the Greater Montreal Area (basically any address within 90 KM from H4N 1J1)

9. How do I book a Dumpster?

To book a dumpster, complete your details, clear the space you want the Dumpster placed, one of our agents will contact you the same day to confirm the reservation, and you can then get to work.

10. How can I pay?

Payment for your dumpster rental can be made by Visa or Mastercard, or you can pay the driver cash or by cheque on delivery.

11. Are there any weight restrictions?

Yes, prices quoted include a maximum of mixed waste weight.

If you are ONLY placing concrete or bricks or soil in your dumpster, the price quoted covers up to three quarters (75%) of the dumpster volume.

BUT REMEMBER, should you place mixed waste and concrete/bricks/soil in the same dumpster, you will only be covered up to the maximum allowed weight. Additional charges are applicable for any excess weight.

12. When delivered or when fully loaded, will the dumpster damage my driveway?

Whenever possible, we make sure our dumpsters roll-on or roll-off a 2’’ wooden beam to avoid any damage to your asphalt or paving stones.

BUT REMEMBER, an overloaded dumpster may cause damage to your driveway.

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