Who are we?

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Tri-O-Bac is a family business, founded initially by two young entrepreneurs over 25 years ago, and later (in 2014) acquired by two brothers who shared similar convictions. There’s no doubt that the founders had set up such a remarkable philosophical base that it has been easy to ensure its longevity in these days of heightened environmental awareness. Management of our trash is ensured by a sort mechanism that respects the 3Rs rule whose aim is always to reduce, recycle and reuse waste materials.

Over and above the dumpster: the human element!

Even though every dumpster (trash bin or container) seems similar in appearance, we offer our clients a superior turnkey experience. Your satisfaction is our goal and we make every effort to ensure you receive reliable service. Rest assured that we are committed to providing rapid delivery, and respecting your deadlines for dumpster pick-ups ready for sorting. Every contact we have with you is important to us and we do everything in our power to ensure a clean environment while reducing the need for landfill at the same time.

Mission: protect planet Earth

Helping you to manage your trash by recovering what we can and sorting the rest in an eco-friendly manner! That’s our trade, and that’s why we are in business! We take our responsibilities toward the ecological management of trash very much to heart. After carefully sorting, we make every effort to recycle or compost waste materials. We like to preach be example and support today’s population in its quest for a greener world, and a much cleaner planet that will ensure a high quality of life for our children and grandchildren. Of course, it’s unfortunate that not everything can be recycled or composted, which is why the best way of avoiding the need for landfill is to consume less, or limit the choices we make to environmentally friendly products.

More savings, more ecologically with Tri-O-Bac!


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